Legacy Custom Homes

Legacy Customs Homes will match your style, enhance your living and create the space you won't want to leave. Come look at the endless designs we have available waiting for you today!

Custom Details & Remodeling

Custom details is what sets a part your home from the masses. Choose from the endless custom detail and remodeling options that Legacy Custom Homes can offer you today!

Landscaping & Lighting

Legacy Custom Homes provides landscaping and lighting design to complete your new home and is the perfect way to showcase your new Legacy Custom Home.

Elegant Gates & Driveways

Legacy Custom Homes can provide gates of all sizes and stones of every kind for the perfect entrance to your exciting new home! Contact us today!

Experience Outdoor Living

Expand your living space beyond the walls of a traditional home. Legacy Custom Homes can create the most enjoying outdoor living space for you to enjoy. Contact us today to enjoy your new outdoor space!

Legacy Custom Homes

Let's face it. A home is no longer just a house with a white picket fence. Although we have many different white fence options for you to choose from! With today's advancements and the most current technology software, Legacy Custom Homes is the builder for you in designing your Lifestyle Home. A home fitted to your needs. Legacy Custom Homes builds bedrooms that are designed for you to sleep better, functional kitchens that create amazing meals, living rooms that host fantastic family gatherings, outdoor living spaces for you to maximize space and serene bath areas that mimic resorts and spas for you to relax in. Legacy Custom Homes will build you the Lifestyle Home you will want to rush home to and enjoy. Contact us today and let us create the space you deserve!